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The proportion of the metal mold industry shows a compound annual growth
Time:2017/12/30 11:35:00  Browse:

About 10 years ago, the accuracy of precision molds is generally 5 microns, and now has reached 2 to 3 microns, and soon 1 micron precision molds and rapid die manufacturing will be available. This requirement can only be done by super finishing. In addition, metal processing mold industry will become increasingly large, which is due to the mold forming parts of the growing size and high productivity requirements of the development of more than one cavity caused. According to the current development trend of hardware mold industry, mold industry will be further development of multi-functional composite mold.

With the development of China's mold industry, the demand for mold products is also gradually increasing. In addition to the new multi-functional composite mold stamping parts, but also responsible for stacking, tapping, riveting and locking assembly tasks, the performance requirements of steel is also getting higher and higher. And this increase brings more power to upgrade the industry technology. In the future development of the industry, technological innovation is naturally the main, technological upgrading is necessary, which is the most important condition for the rapid development of the industry and market demand.

At present, the domestic market demand for high-grade mold large, of which, home appliances, automobiles, plastic products industry, the greatest demand for mold. It is understood that during the "12th Five-Year" period, the general trend of the mold market steady upward, but requires domestic molds must meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery time and so on.

Plastic hardware mold industry is China's traditional industries, started earlier, the development of increasingly mature, but also the growth of a number of promising SMEs in the current international competitive environment, relying on the original advantages alone can not meet the modern trade process Compression costs, and profits to maximize demand and accelerate the development of e-commerce has become a domestic plastic hardware industry to meet the challenges of economic globalization, seize the initiative to develop and enhance international competitiveness of the inevitable choice for e-commerce in the 21st century will become a hardware Plastic machinery mold trade growth in the main driving force. The metal processing mold business leaders, in determining the direction of the development of enterprises, we must seize the key work of the leadership, a clear focus of the enterprise.

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